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The electric car sector in the UK is being given a boost by new BP and Nissan projects. 

BP are to run a research programme with FreeWire, an American company which makes mobile fast charging units, and will see charging units installed on forecourts of BP garages across the UK.

Nissan are also working with the government to develop ‘electric-vehicle-to-grid’ systems after it was revealed that they are to launch a £9.8m programme to investigate how the power grid can be fed by electric vehicles whilst they charge to make it more resilient and efficient.

The project aims to create 1,000 vehicle-to-grid demonstrators which will see the chargers controlled by an aggregator.

These chargers will then collect and analyse data to see how the system could work when charging vehicles and providing back-up power to the national grid.

With the addition of both of these projects, electric vehicles look set to be further utilised and more readily supported in the UK, meaning electric vehicles could be a more viable option for UK businesses.

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