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Agriculture Finance
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Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important parts of our economy, constantly re-adapting itself as technology develops.

New machinery continues to allow farms to remain efficient, maximising their potential for growth.

And, in a sector that is so beset by peaks and troughs because of seasonality, productivity is key to the future growth of your farm just as much as managing your cashflow is.


We understand that there is an ebb and flow in farming and this is why we offer structured repayments that take your seasonal fluctuations in your cashflow into account.

Whilst new machinery is important, livestock, feed and fertiliser are all just as essential for the success of your farm. Understanding this, we also provide finance for the purchase of cattle and other farm livestock.

Running an agricultural business can be an expensive venture, and it can be difficult to raise the capital needed to support and grow your business.

As it continues to grow, you may need to look at purchasing a new feed store, silo or bulk shed, and we offer a wide range of agriculture-specific commercial property finance options that will allow you to do this.

We can help you invest in new assets, restructure existing finance agreements and provide you with flexible seasonal payments facilities to enable you to plan for your future.

With no age limitation, any machinery that you’re looking at purchasing can be new or used and supplied by either a specialist dealer or bought privately.

Our specialist advisers will be able to guide you through the process using asset finance to take your business to the next level.

We can arrange funding quickly, and at any time to suit you, through our industry-first asset finance comparison system, giving you more time to get on with running your business.

Agricultural assets that we can finance…

– Arable equipment | Tractors, tillers, rollers, ploughs and harrows
– Soil machinery |
Cultivators, ridgers and chisel ploughs
– Grassland machinery |
Broadcast seeders, spreaders and reapers
– Hay balers and bailing equipment
– Loader equpiment |
Trailers, trucks, conveyor belts and telehandlers
– Fertilising equipment |
Manure spreaders, muck spreaders and silage
– Forestry equpiment |
Forwarders, shredders and loggers
– Drilling and planting machinery |
Post hole diggers and earth drills